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Apple Crunch

This is my absolute favourite way of dehydrating and using apples! Its great for children as the pieces are small ...
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Green Powder

Green powder is all the buzz at the moment. Some products boast an enormous number of ingredients which may or ...
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Italian Salad Dressing Mix

This mix is ideal for making a quick dressing with all the authentic taste of fresh italian salad dressing. Just ...
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Spice Mixes

You can make your own spice mixes using dried and powdered ingredients. The more organic the ingredients the less additives ...
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Dehydrated Chimichurri Mix

What is Chimichurri? Chimichurri is a cold sauce that comes from the local cuisine of Argentina and Uruguay in South ...
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Crunchy Muesli

The following is a basic recipe for making crunchy muesli in your dehydrator. There are many variations that will depend ...
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Kefir Cream Cheese

With all the benefits of kefir milk, this cheese is a healthy and tasty replacement for cream cheese. You can ...
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Mosquito Repellents

Mixed Herb Mosquito Repellent Spray Ingredients: 78 ml (1/3rd cup) of mixed dried herbs (I used rosemary, thyme, sage, lavender, ...
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Cherry Shrub

Info Preparation Time: 30 minutes Sugar Content: 250 grams Makes approximately 400 ml 1 Serving = approximately 25-30 ml Ingredients ...
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Hibiscus Tea

Ingredients Makes two cups 1/4 cup dried crushed hibiscus petals Sugar/sweetener or honey to taste 2 cups boiling water How ...
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