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Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Wherever you get your fresh fruit and vegetables from these days it makes sense to wash them in a solution ...
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Choosing a Dehydrator

If you are considering buying a dehydrator, there are a number of makes of available. Dehydrator prices range from £25 ...
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Benefits of Food Dehydration

Dehydration is the oldest and least costly of all forms of food preservation, with almost no loss of essential nutrition ...
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What is Kefir?

Trawling the Internet for research purposes, I came across something called Kefir and was immediately intrigued as I had never ...
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Lavender fields

Natural Insect Repellents

Do Natural Insect Repellents work? I don’t like the idea of spraying poisons on to my skin, so the recent ...
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What is a Portion?

What is a portion? When the five-a-day programme was first launched in 2003, those behind its creation wanted a simple ...
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Collard Greens fresh

What is a Super Food?

When I first came across the term I naively thought that there was an established list of recognised super foods ...
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Apple Cider Vinegar

A quick search on the internet will bring up hundreds of articles on the benefits of apple cider vinegar. My ...
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Nutritional Content of Dehydrated Food

Is Dried Food as Nutritious? Dehydration reduces the natural water content of plant foods to below the critical level required ...
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Why Make Powders?

Powders are very easy to make and have a wonderful range of uses. Here for example are just a few ...
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