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Natural Insect Repellents

Natural Insect Repellents

Do Natural Insect Repellents work?

I don’t like the idea of spraying poisons on to my skin, so the recent recurring summer problem of mosquitos on the prowl made me think about natural insect repellents.

Apart from the health implications, there is nothing more annoying than having your pleasant evening outdoor meal disturbed by mosquitos, or to wake up after a hot night covered in itchy bites! Other bugs and midges can also make enjoying warm outdoor evenings uncomfortable.

Although citronella candles do help, the expensive repellent sprays I have tried have been less effective. So I decided to experiment in making natural insect repellents using dried herbs and spices.

I researched the Internet and combined that information with the plants I am able to grow in my garden and the spices in my kitchen. Then I began to experiment.

The following ingredients are known to repel most insects:

Ideas for Adding Natural Insect Repellents to your Summer Bug Defences

Here are some ways you can use plants to keep the bugs away:

  1. Grow a number of insect repelling shrubs in your garden, some in pots that you can move around to where you may want to sit out of an eveing
  2. Burn dried insect repelling herbs on the barbeque
  3. Try some of my insect repelling recipes and spray the mixtures on your skin, clothes and bedding

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