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Chilli Powder

Chilli Powder

For those who love the taste of spicy food, having your own natural chilli powder is a must. You can use any chilli variety to make in to powder, depending on your taste. To learn how to dehydrate chillies read my post on Dehydrating Chillies.


The secret to making a good powder is to be sure your chillies are bone dry before you grind them. They should pass the clink test i.e. they will make a clinking noise when droppped on a plate.

You will need a coffee grinder.

Add a handfull of dried chillies to the grinder.


The powder becomes very fine and can get up your nose and all over your hands. It can make you cough if breathed in, and if you touch your eyes after handling chillies, even the smallest amount will make them sting and burn. So wear gloves or make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling chillies, and cover your nose and mouth if you are processing very hot varietes.

Grind the dried chillies to a fine powder. Grind in short bursts so as not to strain the motor.

Transfer the powder to an airtight  container. Use a soft paint brush to clear out all the powder residue.

Store in a cool dark place.

Tip: Add oxygenators to keep the powder as dry as possible.

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