Tomato Powder is one of the best powders to have in your store. I use it virtually every day. I add it to all my sauces, to mashed potato, rice and pasta. I sprinkle it on salad and sandwiches. And the nutritional value is right there at the top of the list. It is also amazingly easy to make!


The secret to making a good powder is to be sure your Tomato pieces are very dry before you grind them. They should pass the clink test i.e. they will make a clinking noise when droppped on a plate.

You will need a coffee grinder.

Add a handfull of dried Tomato to the grinder.

Grind the dried Tomato to a fine powder. Grind in short bursts so as not to strain the motor.

Transfer the powder to an airtight  container. Use a soft paint brush to clear out all the powder residue.

Store in a cool dark place.

Tip: Add oxygenators to keep the powder as dry as possible.

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