Apple Skin Powder

Step by step instructions on making apple skin powder

Apple Skin Powder

Dont throw those apple skins away! If you do you will be throwing away around 30% of the fibre content as well as all of the folate and most of the vitamin E and vitamin K. The peel contains over 70% of the apple’s vitamin E and vitamin K, as well as 50% of the iron content.

The skins also contain ursolic acid. Dr Adams, of the University of Iowa, researched the effects of the ursolic acid found in apple skins on muscle wastage in the ill and elderly, and found it to be beneficial in slowing muscle wastage as well as in balancing the body’s cholesterol and blood sugar.

Other significant research done recently has indicated that consuming apple peel powder can greatly improve joint function and range of motion.

So here is how to preserve those apple skins and make flakes or powder that can be sprinkled on to other foods and consumed daily.


Organic apples


  1. Method

    Peel the apples with a knife or vegetable peeler. Dry the apple flesh as described in the recipe on dehydrating apples. Give the peels a quick rinse in a cider vinegar solution then spread them out on a dehydrator tray.

  2. Dehydrating

    Dehydrate until crisp.When properly dried the skins should be easy to crush into flakes in a mortar and pestle. 

  3. Powder

     To make a powder you will need to grind the skins in a coffee grinder.

  4. Storage

    Store in a closed container and include a dessert spoon daily in your diet.

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