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Hibiscus Tea

Servings 2

Serve it hot or cold for a boost of vitamin C.

  • Quarter cups Dried Hibiscus petals
  • 2 teaspoons Sugar or honey
  • 2 cups Boiling water
  1. Equipment

    You will need either an infuser teapot or a ball infuser or a strainer plus a teapot.

  2. Method

    Add the crushed petals to the teapot using one of the following methods:

    • Put the leaves directly in to your teapot and then add boiling water. Once brewed use a strainer to catch the petal residue when pouring out the tea
    • Add the petals to an infuser ball, then add this to your teapot before adding the boiling water
    • Use a teapot with a built in strainer or infuser. This is the most convenient in my opinion.

    Allow the brew to infuse for 5 minutes before pouring in to teacups. 

    Add sweetener to taste and enjoy.

  3. Ideas
    • Adding a spoon of lime juice will change the colour and add some zing in the process!  
    • In the summer this makes a refreshing drink if allowed to cool. Pour over ice cubes and add mint leaves for flavour and appearance.
Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 250 ml

Servings 2